Pretty ballerina sitting on the floor in the dance hall. She leans her hands on the floor from the back while pulling one leg forward and the other bent at the knee. She is reflected on the floor

Ballet is the classical foundation and building block of all genres of dance, incorporating graceful moves with fluidity and encouraging beautiful posture and poise. Ballet teaches great discipline which requires strength, flexibility, and precise technique. Without ballet, what’s the POINTE!

We offer Ballet as one of our CORE classes for ages 2+. #boysdoballet


Boogie Babies

(2-4 years)

Saturday  09.30-10.00


(5-7 years)

Saturday  10.30-11.00


(8-10 years)

Saturday  12.30-13.00

Inters/ Seniors

(11-16 years)

Saturday  14.15-15.00


(18+ years)

Thursday   19.00-20.00